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How to Monetize AudioMack Account As An Artiste


Here is how to monetize AudioMack and start earning from creating amazing playlists, Mixtapes and songs as an artiste.

AudioMack is a fast growing music app which allows users the opportunity to download and play songs offline ( directly from Audiomack app).

Audiomack is free for artists and fans. It offers unlimited storage so artists have the freedom to upload as many songs as they want. The fact that artists do not have to pay for the service means more people are exploring the platform.

Audiomack promotion services can help artists reach out to more listeners.

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Users can also create playlist of their favorite songs and save them to their AudioMack account. Also upcoming artist and Djs can make songs and upload on AudioMack in a way to advertise and make their reach larger audience.


1. Monetizing AudioMack
2. How to Monetize AudioMack Account
AudioMack Premium – AMP
3. How to Apply For AudioMack Monetize -(AMP)
4. Monetizing AudioMack

Firstly, AudioMack was intended for sharing songs.

But with its wide acceptance and growing popularity, it has become the home for all music lovers.

From DJs to record labels, music artists, and regular song lovers. Everybody now has AudioMack installed on there devices both iPhone and Android devices. AudioMack App as since then meet everybody’s need for free music download and upload.

The amazing part of this app is that most of its contents are uploaded by third parties or app users. So Audiomack in a way depends on its users to serve their audience.

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On this note, everybody is rewarded for their inputs and active presence on Audiomack just like we have on Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud. – See How to make money on SoundCloud

How to Monetize AudioMack Account
There are simple ways to generate revenue from your Audiomack account or profile. All you need is to

Create amazing playlists,
Build your audience or followers
Grow your fanbase
subscribe to AudioMack monetizing platform
Start earning money from your Audiomack account

The good news is this, a well packaged playlist can be shared on the AudioMack App where other users can find them and use them.

So, the more useful playlist you have, the more your your chances of making good money /revenue.

In Addition to the above, AudioMack offers unlimited uploads and is completely free.

This is quite a good news to DJ and up coming artist to promote their work. Users can easily generate income when they regularly upload new songs.

Each upload also features a link to buy and follow to download options. You can actually link directly to your personal website or other social networks like SoundCloud stream too.

If you song or mixtape hits Millions of download, i don’t need to tell you how much fortune you will accumulate for yourself.

AudioMack Premium – AMP

This is the AudioMack pro-service for monetization. AMP lets content owners monetize all streams – even those through embed players on 3rd party sites.

Just like we have in Google Adsense, SoundCloud, and Spotify, It requires an application for approval.

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Only those who meet the requirements will be approved for earning. -Of course everyone gets approved if they don’t violate the terms and condition.

There is no need to ask – How do i get verified on audio mack, just meet the requirement and you are in.

How to Apply For AudioMack Monetize -(AMP)
To apply for AMP,

Visit the official Audiomack AMP application page at www.audiomack.com scroll down to the AMP section and click on APPLY for AMP
Under the contact us category, Select “AMP Application”
Enter your email address and write a short note on why you need this account
Click on the submit button.

Remember, you must have have an AudioMack account.

As an Artiste,

  • upload high qaulity sounds onto your account.
  • Fill in all the necessary information on your profile to make it look like you already a mainstream Artiste.
  • Fill in effectively your social media handles.
  • Uplosd through a computer to always enable you fill in the accurate Metadata (You can use chrome browser but in desktop mode,or any browser that has a desktop mode feature) etc

The question is,

Are ready to make money as you monetize your audios on AudioMack?

Then start creating amazing playlists and Mixtapes, upload regularly and grow your followers.

Start preparing now your Fanbase for the big boom that will soon come your way when Audiomack approves you for monetizing your audio with AudioMack online.

Finally, Audiomack has started approving monetization for Audiomack accounts. Plug in to this amazing opportunity to monetize AudioMack and get rewards for your passion.

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